PolyHex, Multi-Pak (Chrimson Red)
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Poly Hex explores the endless modularity of the original Stainless Steel Hex Table series in everyday rotational-molded polyethylene, allowing for color, texture and the occasionally unexpected to fall into the equation alongside the always simple, geometric building block. Hollow yet strong enough to support anyone it comes across, PolyHex is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, for adults and kids alike. And now reaching seat height, PolyHex can be employed as a seat, an umbrella stand, a flower pot, or endlessly, in any way imagined.


Rotational-molded polyethylene, available in Cobalt (Blue), Chrimson (Red) and Canary (Yellow).


Height is 17.5" (44.4 cm), Depth is 13" (33 cm). Together, 3 PolyHex will create a surface area of approximately 21" x 21".  All PolyHex are hollow and bottomless.

  • Item #: NCR05_RED-3
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PolyHex, Multi-Pak (Chrimson Red)

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