About Us

Lerival is a design house that bridges contemporary furniture and architecture, manufacturing designs based on the exploration of innovative techniques and with rigorous attention to details and new materials.

Lerival champions contemporary architecture's advanced design sensibility, inspired by versatile modularity, personality-driven forms and high performance. The result is an unbiased approach to every piece and project, from conception to completion.

Lerival provides a unique understanding of space: leveraging our expertise in architecture through the lens of furniture, we (re)configure, (re)define, (re)envision and (re)structure new and old spaces, free of any signature style or architectural connotations, and always conscious of the client's objectives.

Beyond furniture, Lerival offers brand extension by design: Lerival provides a unique understanding of how space, design and furniture can help convey and enhance a brand, not only through the customization of our pieces, but also by translating your vision into dynamic, branded environments.

Visit us at www.lerival.com